Fairwinds Biz Bookkeeping &

Tax Solutions, Inc.

  • ​​Company forecasts and custom financial reports for loan applications and other purposes
  • Sales Tax filings & questions
  • Re-employment tax filings & questions
  • QuickBooks Set up
  • QuickBooks Clean up
  • QuickBooks Training
  • Scanning & receipt and records management
  • Shredding & document security services.
  • Cloud based secure access to your books & records.
  • Need QB software? What kind? There are over 8 different "models". We can help  you choose AND get you a great discount.
  • Need payroll services? We have several great plans to choose from. Find the one that fits your business. We offer Workers Comp estimates and pay as you go alternatives.
Need help with QuickBooks?
  • We Help with Start up's- Should you be a Corporation? What type is best for you? We can help give you information about tax implications and referrals to legal resources so you can determine this.
  • Assist company owners with same day company formation.
  • Personal account manager
  • Experts in Insurance audits
  • We manage & track Certificates of Insurance
  • Tax planning-work with your CPA or ours
  • ​Banking, Merchant Services & Point of Sale
  • Business insurances support​
  • Are you overpaying for Merchant Credit card services? We offer many options.
  • Do you have to pay to lease equipment or are you getting hammered with fees?
  • We shop these services and get you NO CONTRACT, free equipment and low fee service on MasterCard, VISA, AMEX & Discover.