Hi, I am Jen Ginther, thank you for checking out our business website. 

Let me tell you a little about myself.  I have been doing bookkeeping or managing bookkeepers for the past 30 years and I LOVE small businesses.

My grandfather owned and operated his own Commercial Contracting company in Michigan and my family has owned and operated a hardware store, a wholesale building distributor and remodeling & subcontracting companies in Missouri & Colorado and Florida.

I grew up in St. Louis--Yes, I'm a Cardinals fan--and I went to college at Maryville University, St. Louis where I graduated with a BA in Pre-Law and Accounting. I worked as an accounting assistant at a CPA firm while attending school and after graduating sold Business Liability Insurance & group Life & Health plans for an insurance brokerage firm in St. Louis. After that I did bookkeeping-credit management/collections, and administrative work including inventory management, A/P & A/R, payroll for my family's wholesale building supply company. I then moved into project/job-site management work for the contracting division and another subcontracting company before moving to Florida and working as a General Contractor for our residential building company.

I have been a Florida State Certified General Contractor & Roofing Contractor since 2007 and was the Administrative & Operations Officer for a FL Contracting Company for 11 years before opening my own bookkeeping firm in 2015.

Having spent my entire life around growing businesses, I understand how they work and what it takes to make them successful and profitable. I have a great understanding of accounting, as well as experience in business insurance & law (I am not a lawyer and do not give legal advice!). I have been involved from the ground up in multiple business & real-estate ventures and have worked closely with many CPA & law firms and numerous consulting organizations across the country. I have helped many companies successfully navigate lien and insurance issues, including audits. 

I have been a QuickBooks user since 2003 and I became a Certified Pro Advisor in 2015 and I work with QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks Desktop & Enterprise & Point of Sale 2020 and all of the earlier versions & Contractors' Edition as well.

I am an Enrolled Agent, one of America's tax specialists, we can help people who need tax help regardless of what state they live or work in. We help get the IRS off your back.

Please give us a call today and see how we can help your business get healthy and stay profitable.

​​Fairwinds Bookkeeping &

Tax Solutions, Inc.

Bookkeeping Specialties:

Construction Contractors & Builders

   Window & Siding Installers


   Carpenters & Framers



   Engineering & Surveying Firms

   Painters & Drywall

   Concrete Masonry & Stucco 

   Roofing & Swimming Pool Contractors

   Mold Remediation    

Service Companies

   Real estate Agents & Brokerage companies

   Property management & Cleaning Companies

​   AirBNB and Rental LLC's

   Auto Service & Repair Shops
   Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance Companies

   Tree Services

   Landscape Design & Irrigation   


   Help resolve problems with the IRS for Individuals

   Senior bill pay and financial management

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​Need help with the IRS?